Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You're A Better Man Than I, Gunga Din

It was dead at work, tumbleweeds rolling through the place, and I spent the afternoon composing a brilliant post, which, of course, I didn't write down because it was so brilliant that surely I'd remember it when I got home and which, of course, I've now completely forgotten.

Hit count doubled since yesterday. Holy shit, it's exponential.In a week, I'll be the most popular blogger on the planet. Then I'll start posting pictures of kitties and rainbows. Heh.

I did see something unique happen on Metafilter. In a thread on, of all things, Dungeons & Dragons, a flame war broke out, and got fairly ugly, by MeFi standards. And you know what happened? The two people flaming each other actually calmed down and apologized.

I'll pause for a second to let that sink in.

Two people posting under anonymous handles and with no threat of physical coercion actually decided that the best course of action was to be big men about it and bury the hatchet. There's hope for our species yet.

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