Saturday, March 04, 2006

Drug Counselor Goes To Any Length (For Crack)

I have it on good authority that a senior drug counselor at a local rehab center allegedly has been fired from his job after selling most of his family's valuables to buy crack. They've (allegedly) changed the locks at the rehab center so he can't sneak back in and steal their stuff, too. (Now if they'd just change the weepy piano music on their home page.) Said my source, "The guy was a real asshole -- he was the kind of Big Book true-believer who thought that everyone who ever had a glass of wine needed to join AA. I hear he's staying at the Jimmy Hale Mission while on this crack binge because his family can't put up with his shit." (No link for the mission was available, as I suppose homeless men don't have Internet access and don't need Google Maps to find the soup line. They can just follow the trail of Wild Irish Rose bottles.)

I guess this guy really bought into the "powerless over our addictions" spiel. Well, now he'll have a bunch of drama to unload at the infinite number of future losers meetings he'll undoubtedly attend, when he's through sucking dick in the bus station to buy another rock.

Cocaine. It's a helluva drug.

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