Thursday, March 16, 2006

How Do The Caveman Suits Fit, Guys?

Matthew Lee Cloyd, in the Shelby County Jail caveman suit

Russell Lee DeBusk, similarly stylishly attired

Benjamin Nathan Moseley is also ready for his close-up

These mugshots of the three alleged church burners are available on the Shelby County Sheriff's Office website. I notice that they're wearing what inmates call the caveman suits: the garb that is designed to prevent you from killing yourself by hanging. That suggests that they've been placed in segregation under suicide watch; so no contact with other inmates, lights on 24-7, no reading material, no padding on the cold cinderblock slab that serves as a bunk. And they check on you every hour, so no uninterrupted sleep. Nothing but you and your thoughts, and the screams and gibbering of the truly disturbed poo-flingers in the cells around you.

I heard from a source close to the investigation that one of the young men was in the process of painting his toenails pink when he was arrested. This factoid may bear on the decision of at least one of the three to not make bond, so they can avoid being picked up on state charges and therefore shipped to the Bibb or Greene County Jails, which are probably not as nice and safe as the suicide cells in Shelby County are.

When sitting in a cold cell under constant fluorescent light in a caveman suit in the Shelby County Jail is considered by your attorney to be your BEST option, you have well and truly fucked your shit up.

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