Sunday, March 26, 2006

LSU Will Beat UCLA

You heard it here first. Glen Davis is The Man. I actually don't give a squishy shit about college basketball, but for some reason I find myself rooting for Baby Shaq and his teammates. In other sports news, Holy Cross beat fucking Minnesota in college hockey. That's the upset of the century, and it probably won't even make Sportscenter.

I'd like to see more televised fencing and lacrosse. Lacrosse is such a great sport. I've never played, but I've always enjoyed watching it. Any game that has LEGAL hits with the equivalent of a broomstick is cool with me. Plus, when refs call penalties, play continues and substitutions are during the game, so there's lots of uninterrupted action, unlike every other sport.

Final round of The Players Championship at Sawgrass is tomorrow, so I'll make excuses to stay home and watch golfing goodness. Everyone knows about the 17th hole, the island green, blah blah blah, but c'mon, these guys can't find a club that they KNOW will carry 150 yards? I find that difficult to believe. Pick your stick, aim for the center of the green, and two-putt. I'm a 25 handicapper, and even I know I can hit a 7-iron 150 yards. The best hole on the course, I think, is the 18th, which curves around the water and offers some terrifying second-shot options to anyone who hasn't nailed the tiny strip of fairway.

In other news, my cat Sid got bit by something a few days ago (I'd hate to think it was a dachshund, but it may have been) and this morning the cyst adjacent to the wound burst in spectacular fashion, leading to Amazing Stinky Cat, who wanted to parade his odiferousness around the house before submitting to a rubdown. He seems rather proud of his battle scar, and he isn't feverish or lethargic, so I figure he'll be OK. Sissy cat. His housemate Nancy took on a fucking racoon and walked away unscathed; he can't handle a dachshund? I hope the other cats laugh at him.

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