Friday, March 31, 2006

Prayer Is Not Even A Placebo

The NY Times reports that a decade-long study of some 1800 patients who underwent heart surgery shows that having strangers pray for the patients had no effect on their recovery. This is presumably because God hates science. Ot it could be that God is not Christian, and doesn't respond to prayers from those sadly mistaken heretics, since the groups doing the praying were all from Catholic or Protestant denominatoins. In other news, furiously pushing the button won't make the elevator get there any faster and wishing for something won't make it happen.

Oh, and this study cost taxpayers $2.3 million. I look forward to seeing the Christian spin on this, which will probably be, "oh, it didn't study individuals praying for their OWN recovery, so it's invalid." Bah fucking humbug.


SarahReznor said...

i heard about that - FreshAirLover actually worked on the article. i thought it was funny! prayer is bad for you.

Blake Helms said...

We'll talk about this later Jon.

Everyone's favorite Conservative Christian Friend,