Friday, March 24, 2006

Loretta Nall For Governor

In the great tradition of Shorty Price, another fringe candidate has thrown her hat into the governor's race. Loretta Nall is seeking the Libertarian Party of Alabama's gubernatorial nomination. Her platform is one of drug law reform and prison reform. Her blog is insightful, feisty, and impassioned. She is dismissed as a kook, but she's at least as qualified as most of the asshats we send to Montgomery on a regular basis. Plus she seems to have remarkable...ahem...assets. At least remarkable enough to drive Alabama columnist Bob Ingram into a frothing, censorious fit. And Ms. Nall, it is safe to say, is the only declared candidate for the Alabama governorship who is on record as not wearing panties. (Calls to Lucy Baxley's campaign office were not even attempted, because frankly, I don't want to know.)

I'm generally leery of Libertarians, since they tend to live in a fantasyland where multinational corporations are actually good global citizens, and unfettered anarcho-syndicalism leads to a happy healthy Mad-Max style societal free-for-all. But Ms. Nall appears to be the kind of populist libertarian I could totally get behind. Or beneath. Or atop.

If anyone is so inclined, here's the PayPal link to make a contribution to Loretta Nall's quixotic and valiant campaign.

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Loretta Nall said...

If you'll email me the name of the bar you work at BlueGal and I will come and have a beer there when we get together in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for blogging this hilarious story that could really only happen in Alabama. Don't call the cops on your neighbors for growing pot. That's UN-American.

In Liberty,
Loretta Nall