Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fire! Huh Huh Huh (Not So Cool)

One of the young men arrested on suspicion of arson in several Alabama church burnings has been identified as Russ DeBusk,of Hoover, AL, a theater student at Birmingham-Southern College. Here's a pic of Russ working on a set (second photo):

A second suspect, Matt Cloyd, from Indian Springs, AL, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, was a student volunteer at the 13th Annual Latin American Studies Symposium held last April (link is to a PDF file).

The third suspect, Ben Moseley, also a theater major at Birmingham-Southern College, was a featured player in last fall's comic production of "Young Zombies in Love":
From The Hilltop News, October 5, 2005, by Whit Smith, Staff Writer:
"What is your favorite organelle, if you will, of Young Zombies in Love?" I asked Ben Moseley, a sophomore who will play Jamie Fodder in the upcoming BSC theater production. I watched his brooding face by the cryptic glow of a single lava lamp, wondering what cognitive discourse was conjuring in the dark, somewhat twisted and disillusioned conduits of his hyper-creative conscience. He responded, "This sharp, sardonic, quasi-morbid production-a characteristic I dubbed as a'Diet-Tim-Burton' of a show will draw from a number of incredible cast and crew members to create a seamless comedic experience. It'll be hilarious." Ben Moseley is from Grayson Valley, which is an unincorporated sect of Birmingham, Ala.. It is a place where his offbeat sense of humor matured from class prankster to budding theatrical genius. He is in the business of bringing a laugh to any situation on or off the stage with unadulterated, Ritalin-free antics and genuine character. "So what exactly," I asked, "is Young Zombies in Love all about? Remember, putting spoilers in newsprint is about as tactful and useful as those bolted onto '84 Honda Accords. Keep it modest." "Young Zombies holds a place in my heart 'For what?' you might ask," said Ben. "But the answer is obvious: it's a detailed spin-off of those old 50's horror moviesyou know, the kind of stuff usually reserved for Winn-Dixie clearance bins and grainy, early-morning TCM. It's a production filled with song, dance, and lighthearted romance; this play is theatrical 'Thriller,' if I may be so corny. It'll be scary-good. Game on." It sounds like Young Zombies in Love will surely enslave the populace of Birmingham-Southern with its stomach-churning laughs and visuals; it's sure to be a performance that will leave you feeling vigorous and refreshingly "un-dead."

Here's the criminal complaint from FindLaw.

So much for those budding theatrical careers, guys. If, of course, our Boys In Blue have the right people in custody, which is by no means a sure thing. (IANAL Legal disclaimer: everyone mentioned herein is innocent of everything until proven guilty, even though it has been reported that the three have confessed.)

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