Thursday, March 02, 2006

May Cause Drowsiness

So in these brainwashing meetings people often rattle off the catalogue of their prescribed medications. There are folks in their late 20s who've been taking Klonopin since they were 14. Sorry, guys, but you're doomed. You've got a benzo jones so deep your dog is named Prince Valium. But the therapist nods and smiles and berates me for having a (bunch of) beer during the Super Bowl. Or another guy for taking a toke after work. But as long as Dr. Feelgood sez its OK, get addicted to anything you like. As long as its in pill form, and prescribed by a physician. That way it's helping you, right? Especially something that offers heroin-quality addictiveness plus the bonus of potentially fatal withdrawal if stopped abruptly.

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