Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I Need A Ride the Hank III show at The Nick Thursday night, because I'm almost certain (hey, it's 3 AM, how certain is anything at 3 AM?) that my lovely wife is going to totally WUSS on me and leave me rideless, since I have 22 months before I get my license back, and she announced today that it's Her Time, so by Thursday I can expect volcanic invective and very little traction vis-a-vis Shit I Want To Do. Despite my slogging onward through torticollis and an EXTREMELY busy and lucrative shift. No rest for the wicked. If you are going to the show, e-mail me at Jon_at_blakehelms_dot_net. I'll put gas in your car, and beer in your belly. I'll be out of touch from 9-1 tomorrow, and again from 4-11, so don't look for an immediate response. But if anyone wants to step up and help a brother out, I'll be in touch after 11 PM. Thank you, I love you, this is all getting kinda Phishy, so I'll end here. Need ride. Hank III. Thursday night. Nick. Will Buy Beer. Nuff said.

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

i could get you there but i'm sure as hell not picking up your drunk ass when it is over.