Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Proof Joe Theismann Is An Idiot

During the Monday Night game, Raiders QB Andrew Walters tossed a long bomb to Randy Moss, who was double-covered some 40 yards downfield. Moss grabbed the ball away from the cornerback, but a punishing hit by the crossing safety separated him from the ball, and almost separated his head from his shoulders.

Opined Theismann, "They should do that more often. If you throw that ball to Randy Moss five times, he's going to come down with it twice. The percentages are in his favor."

Two out of five is forty percent, you dumbass.

NB: prior post edited to remove material offensive to some readers. You know who you are. Blake.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yummy Booze!

If you pour a shot of Bushmill's Irish whiskey into an Imperial pint glass of hard cider, you come up with an enticing combo.

Tag Cloud Of State Of The Union Speeches

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Believe Weird Shit

I believe that we would be able to manage the oceans better if we learned to talk to dophins (and porpoises, of course). Then we could have seafood for centuries, not just the next fifty years.

I believe that the deliberate hunting and killing of humans by elephants says something profoundly distubing about our place in the world.

I believe that many animals are tasty. No, I KNOW that.

I belive that when otters can blog, that'll be something to see.

What Libertarianism Lacks

I know, I know, most everyone who's ever read my blog thinks I'm an anarcho-syndicalist. And I will vote for Loretta Nall, the Liberetarian candidate, for governor when I vote Tuesday.

I will vote for her because not only is she the best candidate for the job, but also she represents the only party actually concerned with the real issues facing real people. She talks about prison reform, and education, and ending the senseless prosecution of marijuana smokers. She has real ideas about how to fit this shit together. She has an actual VISION of what the future could be like, if we'd just vote her in.

But there are no Libertarian candidates running in any other race I'm voting on on Tuesday. Aty least, I don't think there are. You'd think that my interest in Ms. Nall's candidacy (and look, y'all, Bob Riley isn't really all that bad compared to what we have faced in the past) would have sparked some sort of comminique from some Alabama Libertarian flunkie somewhere. You'd think they would at least see the sense in ACTING like a normal political party during election season.

That's not me pleading for attention (READ MY BLOG, BITCHES.). That's me observing that having staffers that sat down and did frequent search-engine sweeps and responded appropriately could possibly grow the fucking party from irrelevance to, uh...relevance.

Loretta is screaming into the void.

She's right, she's absofuckintively right about a preponderence of issues, and I sense that she's actually willing to listen to reasoned discussion about the balance of the issues. What a radical concept. Common sense.

But I can't vote for common sense, I can only vote for a Democrat.

I Love The New York Times

And one of my reasons is images like this.

It presents a beautiful ambiguity, but it clearly illustraters the slug: "Leaders of 48 of the 53 African countries are to arrive in Beijing this weekend for a huge diplomatic event, the China-Africa forum."

That's great photography.

Alabama Family Values

Click the link, bring a puke bucket.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tehran's Having A TV Party Tonight

I wonder if the powers-that-be felt a certain sickening sense of cultural deja vu when they read this in a recent Wall Street Journal. A priveleged elite whose wealth insulates them from an intrusive theocracy that same wealth supports. Hmm.

Don't talk about politics, we don't wanna know
we're dedicated to our favorite show!

Points to anyone under 25 who gets the Black Flag reference.