Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Proof Joe Theismann Is An Idiot

During the Monday Night game, Raiders QB Andrew Walters tossed a long bomb to Randy Moss, who was double-covered some 40 yards downfield. Moss grabbed the ball away from the cornerback, but a punishing hit by the crossing safety separated him from the ball, and almost separated his head from his shoulders.

Opined Theismann, "They should do that more often. If you throw that ball to Randy Moss five times, he's going to come down with it twice. The percentages are in his favor."

Two out of five is forty percent, you dumbass.

NB: prior post edited to remove material offensive to some readers. You know who you are. Blake.


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Hey what's happened to you, Bitter Old Punk? Are you still around?

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