Monday, March 27, 2006

Stage Fright

One of my posts has been reposted in its entirety on Loretta Nall's blog. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm sure she gets tons more traffic than I do, and now everyone's gonna hear about my sad little escapade. Of course, if I wanted to keep it quiet, I wouldn't have posted it to teh intraweb, right?

Must. Cease. Hyperventilating.

Just don't dooce me, O Mighty Employer Who Has Remained Unmentioned Due To Fear Of This Very Real Possibility. Just don't dooce me. Daddy got billz to pay.

Ms. Nall left a very polite comment below, and was diplomatic enough to ignore my heavy breathing in my post about her candidacy. I look forward to meeting her and ogling her boobies when she's in town.

Funny thing is, I e-mailed her after I noticed her comment last night and pasted that very post into the e-mail I sent at 6:27 AM (no I wasn't up extra early -- I'm a vampire). I figured it would give her a laugh. But the post appeared on her site at 5:17 AM, so she must have actually read my whole blog before I thought to send it to her. Of course, it never occurred to me to check HER blog before sending the e-mail. I figured she'd just hit Technorati and seen I'd linked to her and flipped by to check it out. I never thought anything I said would be worth reposting.

Must. Not. Damage. Gubernatorial. Candidacy. With. Stupid. Shit.

And now I have this sinking sensation that I'm getting involved in something that involves doing more than showing up for work or coming home and surfing teh intraweb. Dammit. I lob invective from the sidelines, I don't actually jump into the arena and participate.

Or do I?

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