Saturday, April 22, 2006

FDA Wants You To Suffer

Got AIDS? Got cancer? Want some relief? Well, don't look to your government for help. They just decided that all the scientists who told them that marijuana helped ease the pain of those life-threatening diseases were full of shit.

Why are we not up against the ramparts? Why are we not protesting every day against this absurd drug war that emprisons people and deprives families? Why do we put up with this shit?

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude! These people that NEED pot for medical purposes, they are basically medically fucked, right? Cancer etc and a short life prognosis. These people should form a Ninja Assassin Squad, you know, like Ninja Turtles but maybe called the "Buds" (still green). Then they should hunt down ANYONE in the Administration that is denying them "natural" justice... and just fuckin' kill them!!!! After a while who will dare object to legalising? What have they got to lose?