Thursday, April 06, 2006


I will never link to this douchebag again. It was me, in my blogging innocence, that didn't grasp that any link was a good link. Well, it won't happen again. Why do I keeop bringing it up? Because I'm always horrified by his latest atrocity. Stupid fucking frat boy redneck:

Hey, I want to thank y’all who commented yesterday about how awesome my wife is. You know what? She really is! I’m so fortunate to have found and married a woman like Susan. She does so much for her family and I’m the luckiest man in the world. I’m thinking today when I get home I’ll just have to show her how appreciative I am. I might even let her cum this time! No, seriously she always get’s off...I make sure of that.

Die of nut cancer, you loathsome prick.


Anonymous said...

He has to be joking; that's what I tell myself. Nobody can seriously be that sick. I have enough faith in humankind to think that the whole site is a huge joke on us. If not, then the guy should offer himself to the field of psychology for a field study. The shrinks would have a field day with him.

SarahReznor said...

Stupid fucking frat boy redneck indeed. guy needs to get his ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

His website annoys the fucking shit out of me. I knew immediately who it was after reading the quote - I quit reading his site long ago. The pictures of his wife's ass, the pictures of him getting a blowjob on the toilet, the stories about their sex life....SO fucking far past TMI that TMI would be welcome.

Big Dick said...

Wow, you guys are pretty tough.
I'm impressed.
One other thing. Why do you have comments here? Nobody reads you. Check your stats.