Sunday, April 16, 2006

Banality Of Evil

Kevin has a MySpace page. Kevin writes a boring blog. Kevin killed a child last week and told police he intended to eat her remains.

One remarkable thing about this grisly story is, if you read the guy's blog, you see that he really isn't so different from many bloggers, except for the murdering cannibalistic stuff. He's shy, he hates his job, he's lonely and depressed. He likes wacky stuff like The Church of the Subgenius and anime. He plays videogames, and he complains about being bored and isolated. I actually began feeling sympathetic toward him and had to remind myself that he brutally killed an innocent little girl.

Police think he killed Jamie Rose Bolin on Wednesday, April 12. His last blog entry was on Thursday, April 13. It was a link to an article from The Discovery Channel. He was blogging about a fossil find in Ethiopia while the girl's body was in a plastic tub in his closet.

Where am I going with this? I have no idea. I hate not knowing how to end a post. That's a Kevin Ray Underwood quote, by the way.

MetaFilter's hydra-headed take(s) on this are here.

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SarahReznor said...

dude this is fucked up! i was just reading it on CNN, never thought the blog was still online! some of the comments on it are messed up... I gotta change my template like right now!!!