Thursday, May 11, 2006

Long Time No Blog

My computer and I seem to have fallen ill at the same time -- In my case it's a strained back muscle that has me down for the count and as for the laptop it seems like the period and comma keys have stopped working so I can't end a sentence properly or even write HTML since the less-than greater-than keys are right there -- Dammit! I know! I'll end every sentence with an exclamation point! That works great!

I seem to have fucked up my back in a major way -- it hurts constantly and the muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories the doc put me on just make me weak and woozy; I've spent the past few days groaning on the couch and actually going to see a doctor so you know it's bad!

More later as I recover!



Anonymous said...

Just remember that the label that reads:
"Warning taking this drug with alcohol could intensify the effect"
It's a serving suggestion not a warning.
Good Luck
secret admirer

GreginOz said...
Dude, see this link and scream in rage!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you cant smoke some pot. I here its a good antiinflamitory.