Sunday, May 14, 2006

Random Lists

I read McSweeney's because I know that the best writing of my generation is coming from the school of metaliterary snarkiness best exemplified by that bashful bunch. Who better to diagnose and treat our ill age than painfully self-conscious writers whose IQ is equalled only by their preciousness?

OK, it's just sour grapes: they wouldn't publish my list which was "Words I've Never Encountered While Working A New York Times Crossword Puzzle" The sole entry was: "1. Cunt". For some reason that wasn't worth publishing. Even in light of the "scumbag" mini-scandal, which all crossword afficianados already know about (for everyone else, just google it, I really don't want to take the time to explain).

So, as McSweeneys won't have me, I'll have them. I propose to present lists that are antithetical to those chosen by the rosy-cheeked editorial staff of McSweeneys. Here we go:
OK I submit More about Chuck and stuff tomrrow

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T.C. Craig said...

An acquaintance of mine has been trying to get published in their journal for years.

It's notoriously difficult, and this has led me to forego even an attempt. The writing style, while enjoyable, is difficult for me to get used to - I hate them. My hand shakes with rage every time I re-subscribe. I hate them greatly.

Were you published in a small magazine out here a few years back?