Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Think I'll Stalk Emmylou Harris

If there's no hell, what is this sun for? How can it be that I've been everything from Gram Parsons' Muse to Ryan Adams' Certainty? Why is it that I show up on every country record that has brains, but none of then that have balls? Why do people still offer me burritos? Why am I so fucking beautiful?


Dave Miller said...

Pretty hot for a grey haired chic!

Anonymous said...

Pretty good for a local girl. Do you remember "From Boulder to Birmingham"?

T.C. Craig said...

Definitely, it’s the silver hair; she's a silver fox. I’m still looking for a copy of The Minutemen. Sadly, my music "sharing" software has been squashed by the jack-boot of the RIAA. I heard a couple of songs, and I enjoyed it.

Would you hate me if I suggested they influenced The Dead Milkmen?

Check one:

a) Fuck You

b) Fuck me, you’re right!

c) I don't know

p.s. where you been?