Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hello, World!


I'm back.

Didja miss me?

I missed you, too.

I have lotsa stuff to talk about.

I'm gonna leave all the insane drunken posts I made last fall in place, just as sort of an object lesson for what NOT to do. A constant admonishment.

I'll try to more closely craft the longer posts, or at least edit the fuckers before displaying my ineptitude for all the world to see.

I'll start tagging posts, too, having finally seen the light. The tags, of course, will be whimsical and misleading, thereby rendering them useless.

I have (intermittently) reliable Internet access now, which is a delight, having had none for many months. So expect more bilious idiocy to drop at any moment.

You're on notice, Internets.


Blake said...

I was pleasantly surprised (actually did a double take) this morning while checking my RSS feeds and saw that your blog had new posts. What happens to President Macklin?!

DavidW (aka Dave Miller) said...

Having seen that you had dropped off the face of the Internets, I moved your feed into a folder of sites that I should only check when time permits... being back in college and now that finals are almost over, time permitted this morning and what to my surprise, there was a crap-load of BOP posts.

I was certainly stunned, but I have a dilema. I want to read all the posts, but can't (two more finals this week).

I am glad to see you are back on the 'wagon' and I look forward to learning about President Macklin as well.

Cheers good man and welcome back!