Sunday, February 26, 2006

Virtual Clutter

I'm not sure if Google Desktop is a blessing or a curse. It's certainly distracting. Of course, I'm using its Scratch Pad panel to type this right now, but I don't see how this is any more convenient than firing up Notepad from the Start menu. And the Weather panel: why do I need this? I can go look out the damn window, or get a more comprehensive forecast at I have already disabled the QuickView, Email, and What's Hot panels; the first because it replicates the browser history, which seems redundant, the second because I really don't need to know about my email the millisecond it arrives, and the third because I'd rather decide for myself "what's hot" on teh intraweb. I downloaded the "Calendar" panel before realizing that Microsoft has already solved the problem of having a calendar cluttering up your desktop by allowing one to doubleclick the Start menu clock. Duh. And the News panel is just a constant temptation to surf away from whatever I'm trying to work on.

Now I find that for some reason I can't paste into the "Blog This" window, so I have to go back to Blogger, log in, and get to the main posting page. That's even less useful.

Google Desktop is starting to remind me of Alexa, back in the day. It sounds like a cool idea, but it turns out to be a distracting annoyance. It promises functionality, and delivers clutter. Meh. Uninstall.

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