Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I guess I bought tickets online and somehow the local concert promoters harvested my email address so now I get the intermittent update on what Big Shows are soon to be in my area. Today's list was a perfect storm of Don't Give A Fuck:

Kenney Chesney
The Allman Brothers
Def Leppard

Wow. If I sat and thought all day long I couldn't have come up with a list of shows that left me more indifferent.


Anonymous said...

Is the promoter LiveNation, by any chance? They somehow got my work email (which I'm 95% sure I've never used to buy tickets) and so I get their mailings ALL the damn time now.

And yeah, that's a regular meh-fest you listed up there.

enthomsen said...

I feel your indifference. It reminds me of some good that my come from our current economic situation. If these lame and/or tired "musicians" do not sell enough tickets this go-round, they may not tour again. Or, just as good, their next tour could be on the "State Fair Circuit", and will not invade your inbox. said...

That's some funny shit lol. The Music and culture write for my site does a badass weekly wrap up of all types of music going on in and around bham. Here i the link to last weeks:

I hope that it'll help.

Ted said...

Bitter Old Punk Purgatory: