Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Theory Of Birmingham Food

Imagine a compass.

At the cardinal points are, starting at north and proceeding clockwise, Highland's Bar and Grill, Pete's Famous Hot Dogs, The Bright Star, and Milo's. So you have north-south and east-west symmetry between the two major food groups (which are, of course "delicious high-quality fare prepared with pride and precision" and "delicious cheap-ass fare that's probably deadly somehow").

In every other direction?

An untamed ocean of barbecue.

(This theory doesn't account for Nikki's West, and so needs more work...)


Blake Helms said...

Nikki's West is to your Birmingham food theory what Notre Dame is to BCS. There's not really a place for it but no one asks questions.

Anonymous said...

Having now tried two of those places (and Niki's West), your theory seems accurate to me.

So, I found your blog AND joined Twitter today. You're a corrupting influence.