Friday, October 17, 2008

Poor John McCain

You sold out everything you believed in to be President, and now you're going to lose. You hired the people who pilloried you in South Carolina, you kissed the rings of the far-right fundy fatcats you'd always loathed, you repudiated every progressive stance you've ever taken to make yourself palatable to the fanatical wing of your party, and you're still going to lose. You chose a running mate based solely on her ability to rile up the mouth-breathers, and she went out and drove the final nails through the heart of your campaign. You're going to lose. It's not even going to be close.

Now you won't be the President, and you won't have the solace of knowing that at least you were true to yourself.

You were an honorable man, Senator McCain. You were the candidate that free-thinking lefties like me used to look at and think, "Eh, he's the best of a bad bunch." What happened?


Anonymous said...

He may still be the best of a bad bunch. (Yikes!)

Don't count him out yet--they've stolen 2 elections already, why not a third? Switch a few votes on electronic voting machines, eliminate a few voters from the rolls here and there, interfere with registration now and then, misprint a few ballots, fraudulently sign up democrats as republicans and request absentee ballots, and Bob's yer uncle!

Anonymous said...

This: "You hired the people who pilloried you in South Carolina"

Me? I'm a petty dude. No way would I actually _give money_ to people who worked to smear me in the past. There are tons of "consultants" out their in the swamp of the DC media world to choose from. I can't believe he made some of these dickheads his closest advisors. And turns out, they kind of sucked anyways. Two weeks until the election, and his campaign still hasn't crafted a coherent message. And I really doubt it's going to.

Entirely IMHO, of course.

Bitter Old Punk said...

I share those fears, Ted, but I see two big differences: the first is that the governor and secretary of state of Ohio are Democrats now; the second is that Obama is going to win Florida by a margin large enough to render irrelevant the kind of chicanery that went on there in 2000. Obama is going to win, and it's going to be by a margin that will "surprise" the MSM (as they have a vested interest in painting it as a close race, which it isn't). Not only will Obama win, the "coattails" effect could also result in Senator Al Franken (wouldn't that be awesome?) taking his seat along with 58 other Democratic colleagues. I think the Dems can hold 59 seats in the Senate -- it ain't sixty, but it's damn close. With Olympia Snow voting with them half the time, and with Turncoat Joe voting with them the other half the time, there's a chance that an Obama administration could not only WIN, but win with a mandate. Imagine: competent progressive government! It could happen!