Saturday, October 28, 2006

Paranoid Leftist Rant: We're Doomed

OK, here's what's gonna happen in my nightmares. Obama and Clinton run in 2008. McCain is unmanned by GOP backbiting and the lingering miasma of Bush and the Dems are swept into office, Hil as POTUS and Barack as VPOTUS.

Out come the snipers.

A woman and a black guy -- who gets shot first?

It has to be Clinton, thus eerily fulfilling the whole go from the Senate to the Presidency and get whacked thing (Kennedy, Harding, Garfield..). But once the first female President is gunned down, it's only logical to go after the veep, now the first non-white guy to hold the office. Horrors!

And so the already overrepresented rural frothy white guys who comprise an exceedingly miniscule proportion of the population compared to their inordinate power will get their way again and make the world safe for more of the same: environmental devastation, corporate collusion in government overreach, the whole military-industrial-complex nightmare that Mr. Repulican himself, DDE, warned us about.

It's globalization. The good guys can't win. The invisible hand is around our collective throats. No matter how good our policy, no matter how clever its implemetation, we'll still be trumped by the abyss of global inequity, and no matter how many dollars or people or Segways we toss into its maw, it will never be sated. The hunger will always exceed the banquet.

Because we are human, and we are hunters, and it is never enough.

And so we are doomed.

That is my nightmare. Please tell me I'm wrong.


David M. said...

Wow. Let me add to your nightmare. Your assassins work might not be done with "the black guy". If, as your nightmare plays out, the democrats take control of Congress, the new Speaker of the House would be Nancy Pelosi...

It would be Woman Prez, Black Prez, Woman Prez. Ummmm...

I have one question though. Your nightmare, is it fueled by the fact that you live in a region of the country where such situations are "actually" discussed in "some" circles?

Bitter Old Punk said...

I don't hang out with Alabama Republicans.