Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We Must Defend Our Search Engines


I write heartfelt posts about life-changing family crises, and no one comments (hyperbole). I criticize and two snarks appear almost immediately. This is just like MetaFilter.

Teh Intraweb: Land'O'Perspecative.

I presume that I'm being pwned because actually has a picture of d if you query "d boon" and google does not. How nice for them. Irrelevant. The question wasn't "who is Mike Ness?", it was "how tall is Mike Ness?", a better test of the underlying search heuristics.

The second comment claims that google doesn'tr know who d is. I beg to differ, using the same damn screen.

Assholes. Posting anonymously, of course.


Kyle said...

I hope you've changed it by now so anon people can't post! I hate the anonymity of the internet. Well, I hate it when I don't love it.

I read both the other posts about your family crises and didn't respond. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what the ettiquette is. To me there's something very special about blogging personal affairs. Reading a really personal post is to me like standing in a room full of three hundred million people, all perfectly silent except one. I somehow feel like anything I'd type would be interrupting something I shouldn't.

I suppose a "hope things work out" comment would have been polite, though it feels trite to me.

I hope things work out for the best.

Dave Miller said...

Kyle: That comment seems to be rather perfect from where I see things.

Like BOP, I've blogged about personal issues (and I have many) and get nothing, but the second I post about the Keith Olbermann/Bill O'Reilly feud, open up the gates.

It's goofy.

And to those that post anonymously... the least you could do is make up a name. Weak bastards.

Bitter Old Punk said...

I appreciate the positive vibe, kyle, I really do.

I just found it funny that I sweat blood over some of these posts and get nothing, and then I'll throw up some random geeky persiflage that gets pounced on within minutes.